Our Wish List

Thank you to everyone for the generosity of your donations. We have a lot of items that are on our "Wish List" as we continue to settle in at our new location. We will provide a tax deductible receipt for any contributions you are able to make. Thanks in advance!

• horse size fly masks
• fly spray
• Fly Ban
• Vetrocyn Spray Gel
• Acti – Flex Supplement Cowboy Magic Detangler
• horse shampoo and conditioner (Mane
& Tail is available at Wal-Mart)
• Cowboy Magic Detangler
• recycle bins
• large flat feed pans
• Sweet PDZ for stalls
• Nutrena Senior Feed (after May 2012
• shredded beet pulp (for horse feed)
• loose horse mineral
• 10 styrofoam swim noodles
• Kitchen size trash bags
• 2 manure forks with sides
• black, white and sorrel bands for banding
horses’ manes
• black hoof polish
• Show Sheen
• Leather cleaner
• Duct tape; electrical tape (black and colors)
• plastic storage containers to organize toys
• 4 tank heaters
• 10 – 5 gal. heated water buckets
• Kilz paint (4 gallons)
• label maker
• white board markers
• batteries – D, AA
• white boards (3 ft x 5 ft or larger)
• bulletin board
• vacuum (used is fine)
• toilet bowl brush and holder
• toilet cleaner
• solution for eye wash
• ground poles (landscape timbers painted
white (or green) work well)
• jump standards
• hay bags (not the rope kind)
• Shop Vac – used
• pony harness

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